The Concept

The Proportionate Identification (Prop-ID) project aims to demonstrate publicly the technical and operational viability of a mobile digital device that offers a privacy protective alternative to conventional ID schemes. Rather than routinely turn over fully identifying data, the device would reveal identity information only in proportion to what is actually needed.

What we refer to as a ‘proportionate ID digital wallet’, would securely dispense the minimum necessary identity certificates for conducting in-person service transactions.

The Research

There have been numerous developments in digital wallet technologies, each with their own independent progress. We’re started to track these developments, cleanly designed and diligently referenced.

See the fruits of our labour here: Digital Wallet Technology Overview

The Process

The Android development process involves the creation of a proportionate ID sharing and verification exchange from the information provider to the information requester.

To date, we have enabled two Android phones to establish communication with one another through a local network. Based on the information required for a service or transaction, such as buying liquor or picking up a parcel, a modified ID is sent from the ID holder to the ID recipient.

Conceptual Model

The following presentation was part of an early workshop, explaining the concept behind the Prop-ID application.

Illustrated Use Scenario

The Prop-ID app went through several variations and prototypes throughout the workshops before the final release. See an illustrated story of the app in use here.