Prototype 2: The Tabbed Case

The Concept

Education and raising awareness are, of course, very important. Only with understanding can there be public reaction, and only due to persistent public outrage will there be a reason for government and industry to change practices.”

— da Costa et al., 2006, p. 85

Also known as: card overlays. These artifacts are an avenue for citizens to reclaim their power in information exchanges by raising awareness of the privacy concerns related to ID cards, particularly with driver’s licenses and health cards. Current practices require the appropriation of these ID cards for a variety of services. For example, a driver’s licenses is not used solely for driving privileges, but also for age verification when purchasing alcohol. When we use ID cards for these secondary purposes, we are often offering over much more personal information than is truly needed by the service-providing organization. The purpose of these ID covers is to bring this concern surrounding what information is being exchanged and why to the public.

Currently, a series of different modifiers are being explored, though they share the same approach: while there are various amounts of personal data on a government-issued document, only a few information items need to be revealed during select transactions.

These modifiers hide the personal information that is not needed for the transaction, visually illustrating the minimum disclosure principle that digital scans ought to be adhering to.

DIY Privacy-Protective ID Card Overlays

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3B. Individual Cases

6. Overlay Package

The above two prototypes are the results of a long, iterative design process. Various materials and methods were experimented with. Here are some photos of past prototypes: